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Billing support is a dedicated service to provide you with all the information and support that you require relating to your online website membership or subscription. We can assist with any questions relating to your membership or subscription credit or debit card charges. We can help with bank or credit card charge enquiries, cancellations, reactivations, upgrades or any other questions related to your website billing.
The Member ID is the unique ID that was sent to you by email when you initially started your website subscription. This is the ID number that we can use to identify your unique website subscription. However, if you cannot locate this number, we can still search for your membership or subscription by using your Name, Email or Last 4 digits of credit or debit card.
If you contact us, then we can request your password is reset and send a password reset link to your email. Alternatively, you can visit the website login page, and select the button that says “forgot password”. You can then follow the steps on the website to retrieve your lost password by resetting the password.
Cancelling your membership is easy. Simply contact us by email or by submitting your request through the contact form. Try to submit your member id to help us locate your membership. After we confirm your membership or subscription with you by email, we can cancel the membership for you. Please try to contact us before contacting your bank. We are always happy to assist with any cancellation requests and aim to resolve all enquiries within 24 hours.
Yes absolutely you can reactivate your cancelled membership. Simply contact us by email or through the contact form and we can help reactivate your membership.
Some of the website subscriptions charge your credit or debit card every month to keep your membership active. These charges would have been made clear to you when you first activated your membership or monthly subscription. If you do not want to continue your monthly membership, we can help to cancel this for you. Contact us by email or through the Contact Form and we will cancel your account and ensure there are no further charges to your credit or debit card. However, you should be aware that you will lose all privilidges relating to the membership if you cancel the monthly subscription.